In many paradigms you have different views as to what faith means….we at Estrada Fitness define “Faith” as the absence of all negative thought. We call this “Estrada Faith”.

When tapping into your super-powers your positive thinking is everything.

We encourage our members to begin their mindfulness journey while being focused solely on the present moment. This leads to us quieting the mind. If our primary focus is to become the best version of ourselves, we must constantly assess our mental state in order to have a vibrant life of health and healing.

Speaking things into existence:

“We are healed from our ailments!”

“We have the victory!”

“We Love ourselves!”

These positive affirmations put us in the driver seat to access what we are in pursuit of. Once here we will then use the tools provided from our trusted health and wellness professionals to access our dream results. A healthy change may seem like climbing a mountain at first, so take it one step at a time and tap into your inner strength to overcome any obstacle in your way.  Before you know it you will be at the top and ready to climb the next mountain.

Ready to begin your journey of wellness? Well, we at Estrada Fitness are here to help!

So stay positive and always remember that….

“Your Best Effort Leads to your Best outcome.”


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