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We at Estrada Fitness have created the tool that allows you to tap into your greatness, no matter where you are in the world. Each one of the 48-week Estrada Fitness Programs are specifically designed for you to progressively increase your vitality, regardless of your current fitness level. Our programs include high definition exercise videos that you can watch over and over so that you can see, then do each exercise, without missing the details. Our programs also provide you with unlimited access to amazing, easy-to-follow workouts that will strengthen and shape your body, progressing you towards your goals! Get ready to achieve what you never thought was possible!

How it Works


Getting Started

To get started, select which program is right for you and go through the registration process. Upon completion, you’ll gain immediate access to your first program session!

Whether you are inside your home or the gym, here are the list of the items you will need before starting the Estrada Fitness program:

-Light and medium resistance bands or cables
-Physio or yoga ball
-Exercise mat
-Medicine ball
-Pilates ring or squeezer
-Balance pad
-Adjustable Bench
-Step box
-Dual cable cross machine

*Don’t currently own all of this equipment above? Great news and solution…you now can find the exact tips and modifications for this equipment on our FAQ page!!!

Each program

Each program track provides you with access to 3 video workout-sessions per week for 48 weeks as well as reps, written instructions and tips for each day. When completed as instructed, each workout session will take an hour which includes time for stretching, a dynamic warm-up and 2 full circuits (with 3 different exercises in each circuit).

Why Only 3 Days?

Why only three workout days? During a progressive training program such as these, you’ll get the best results when your body gets at least a 24-48 hour break between workout days! This is due to “supercompensation” (a kinesiology term) which basically means that through balancing functional training sessions and rest, you can avoid hitting plateaus week-by-week and see gradual improvements over time. These programs were designed to work your whole body during every single workout.

Automatic Start

When you’ve gone through the complete 48 week cycle, it will automatically start over unless you want to switch to another program. With the wide variety of workouts featured in each track, you’ll never be bored!

Switching Programs

You can switch to another program if you’re subscribed to one that doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. This change can be made while logged into your account.

Our Support

The Estrada Fitness team is available via email should you have questions. They will respond to your message as soon as possible


Active Program

If you’re already actively working out, but looking for a new and challenging workout regimen, the Active Program is the perfect choice. Don’t settle for what you’ve been doing – challenge your body and mind with this intense program!

See Caryn’s story for motivation.
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Weight Loss Program

Looking to lose weight, gain muscle and feel great in your clothes? This program works for people at any level – whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds plus. There’s no better time than right now to start on your way!

See Giselle’s story for inspiration
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Injured Populations Program

Are you just coming back to exercise after an absence due to injury? Our specially-designed Injured Populations program is specifically tailored for those who are looking to reeducate and recondition their muscles and joints back to health.

See Nick’s story of recovery
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Pre/Post-Natal Program

Ready to get into the best pre-natal shape possible to help with your pregnancy and childbirth? Or are you eager to get back into shape after having your baby? The Pre-/Post-Natal program is for those who’ve been cleared by their doctor to participate in a progressive workout regimen.

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