All of the equipment we listed is what is featured on the videos. However here are the modifications for some of the items that may be hard to find.

If you do not have a:

-Dual cable cross machine, you can use rubber cables bands instead.

-Bosu-ball, you can use a pillow or even a yoga mat.

-Pilates ring or Squeezer, you can just squeeze hands or legs together for resistance.

-Balance pad, you can use a pillow or towel.

-Adjustable bench, you can use a chair or table.

-Step box, you can use a step stool or steps in a strain case.

-Medicine Ball, you can use a book, bowl, or a water bottle.

-Dumbbell, you can use rubber cables bands, small water bottles or a book.

-Rubber cables, you can use your body weight and go through the range of motion very slowly to simulate resistance.

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