Sometimes the best way to showcase the results of a fitness program is to hear about it from real people.
Below are videos from real clients who have personally experienced the Estrada Fitness difference.

Meet Caryn: Active

Being fit at age 50, Caryn shows how working out changed her life from just active to extraordinary while using the Estrada Fitness Program. See her success story on how she is “Fit at 50”!

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Meet Giselle: Weight Loss

After beginning her fitness journey with Estrada Fitness, it was not long before Giselle started to see significant weight-loss results! 130 pounds that is! Now her life has changed forever and her fears of embarrassment and low-self esteem are non-existent!

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Meet Nick: Injured Populations

Nick had dreams of becoming the next soccer youth superstar! However, after experiencing two ACL tears in the same year, those dreams didn’t seem so vivid. Nick’s doctors said the chances of him playing soccer again were very slim. Nick then started at Estrada Fitness and was able to return to the soccer field in just 6 months!

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Meet Liz, Amy, & Stephanie:
Pre Natal/Post Natal


Six months after having her first child Liz started her fitness journey with Estrada Fitness. She now has 3 children, but motherhood has not stopped her! Liz uses the Estrada Fitness Program weekly and loves being able to stay fit for her family!


Being one-year post pregnancy and staying fit can be challenging. However Amy loves stepping up to the challenge using the Estrada Fitness program.


She is the lovely wife of Jason Estrada (Creator of the Estrada Fitness Programs), with a message to pregnant mothers all over the world! Using the Estrada Fitness Program, Stephanie exemplifies discipline and hard work by her willingness to exercise at a high level while pregnant.

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