About Estrada Fitness

Estrada Fitness means the “road”or “the way” to fitness (mind, body, and spirit). Our mission is to support you in making healthy choices that lead to long-term vitality.

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another”

(1 Peter 4:10)

Being natural servants, Jason and Stephanie Estrada have teamed up to share their fitness and nutrition expertise, along with their unwavering faith, to help build a better you.

We believe that optimal health cannot be achieved without the unity of the three foundations of Estrada Fitness:

Estrada Faith: Faith is central to living abundantly healthy. We are sharing the knowledge of self-love, so that you may continue to strengthen your ability to manifest, remove obstacles from your life, and holistically receive health and healing.

Estrada Fitness: Using his experience working 1-on-1 with many different types of clients, Jason has created four custom 48-week fitness programs that cater to all fitness levels. These programs progressively move you through exercises to help you build lasting strength and avoid injuries.

Estrada Food: Eating real food to fuel our bodies is vital to longevity. Here we will separate food truths from food trends. With Stephanie’s nutritional therapy expertise, she can assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Our hope is that Estrada Fitness will inspire and motivate changes within you, so that you can live a life full of peace and prosperity mind, body, spirit!

Let’s do this!


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