Yes, each program was specifically designed and crafted by Jason Estrada who is not only an elite fitness trainer but a Kinesiologist who has designed programs for thousands of his personal clients ranging from professional athletes, weight-loss, pre and post-natal, rehab and pre-hab. Estrada has also mentored many elite trainers and therapist in the world. With well over 40,000 hours of experience as a Kinesiology Professional, Estrada is one of the most trusted mastered-professionals in the fitness industry. With that said, you’re in very good hands and with Estrada Fitness “your best effort, leads to your best outcome”.

Each of the four customized programs have been specifically tested so that anyone can do them no matter your fitness level. Each of these programs mimic real programs that real clients have gone through to reach these goals. Please see our Estrada Fitness Stories page to see more success stories!

Each program starts the user off at a very modified level, then progresses with exercises to fit the ideal goal for the program (ACTIVE, WEIGHT LOSS, INJURED POPULATION, PRE-Natal and Post Natal)

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