Estrada simply means “The Road” or “The Way”. Therefore, Estrada Fitness means the Road to Fitness, Faith, and Food. Our 3 Values (FITNESS, FAITH, and FOOD) is our holistic model to the optimal healthy lifestyle for anyone to choose.

There are many programs that offer video training. However none of them encompass a lifestyle, with FOUR specific customized programs (for 48 weeks). Our online training program is the BEST and we are just getting started! Soon we will open our line of commercial gyms nation wide equipped with our online technology so that members can reach their goals more effectively. Whether you travel for business and work out on the go, stay at home, workout at the gym, or train with a trainer, our program is for you! You can easily access our program from your mobile device! So get started now and take us to the gym with you!

As a member you will also be added to our monthly “Estrada Life” newsletter. Here you will be given tips you can apply to your lifestyle and stay on the ROAD to optimal FAITH, FITNESS, and FOOD.

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