Yes! Each exercise description will be listed as such:

sets/reps: for example if you have 2 sets of 10 reps (repetitions), it will be displayed as this (2×10)

load: The load is the percentage of your 1 rep max (the most you can lift for 1 repetition) in weight. It may be listed as 55%, 65%, 75% 85% etc. So for example if the load says (55%) and your 1 rep max is 10kgs then your weight will be 5.5kgs.

We may also list out your load as the size/weight of a medicine ball “2 lbs, 4 lbs, etc.”, a “squeezer” pilates ring, or a resistance cable/band “light/medium resistance” or “medium heavy resistance”

planned: This is the name of each exercise.

Each exercise video replays over and over so you can watch then do the exercises. If you need extra help just contact us!

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