Choose the program that best fitness your current life-stytle and goals. However we suggest that you have received full clearance by a registered physician before starting any of the four customized programs.

ACTIVE: If you’re already actively working out, but looking for a new and challenging workout regimen, the Active Program is the perfect choice. Don’t settle for what you’ve been doing – challenge your body and mind with this intense program!

WEIGHTLOSS: Looking to lose weight, gain muscle and feel great in your clothes? This program works for people at any level – whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds plus. There’s no better time than right now to start on your way!

INJURED POPULATIONS: Are you just coming back to exercise after an absence due to injury? Our specially-designed Injured Populations program is specifically tailored for those who are looking to reeducate and recondition their muscles and joints back to health.

PRE/POST-NATAL: Ready to get into the best pre-natal shape possible to help with your pregnancy and childbirth? Or are you eager to get back into shape after having your baby? The Pre-/Post-Natal program is for those who’ve been cleared by their doctor to participate in an intense, but weights-free incremental workout regimen.

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